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 We utilize advanced technologies to provide you with the highest possible quality of care and superior results, including:


Digital X-rays

To ensure your safety and ours, we only use digital x-ray units that generates 70% less exposure to radiation than traditional film x-ray equipment.  Another benefit of these units is their speed. There’s no waiting for film to develop; results are viewable immediately, which helps minimize the length of your visit.  What’s more, digital x-rays generate images that are more detailed, allowing us to assess the condition of your teeth more precisely.

The Wand

For many patients, the needle used for anesthesia is the worst part of any procedure.  The Wand is computer-assisted injection system that not only helps take the sting out of the initial stick, but also helps keep the area consistently numb and minimize the amount of anesthesia needed.  In the hands of our highly skilled dentists, The Wand becomes even more effective at making your comfortable during your procedure - from start to finish.


Although most cavities are conspicuous, some can be difficult to detect – especially when they occur beneath the tooth’s surface. Furthermore, static images like x-rays don’t tell the full story and it is sometimes important to know how a cavity’s dimensions have changed over time.  We use Diagnodent, a laser-based detection system that allows us more accurately identify sub-surface problems in teeth, and also allows us to track discrete changes in suspicious elements of a tooth over time.



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