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Icon®. A safe, effective way to treat white spots… without drilling. Several things can cause white spots on your teeth. This includes tooth decay, overexposure to fluoride, and even orthodontic braces. At Monokian Dentistry, we can improve your smile’s aesthetics with minimally invasive Icon treatment in our Marlton and Haddonfield offices. Icon uses resin to change the color of teeth and create a more balanced smile. 

Why Are There White Spots on My Teeth?

White spots create an uneven look and can compromise the health of the tooth enamel. Some of the most common causes of white spots include: 

  • Tooth Decay: Demineralization can occur due to tooth decay. White spots are common side effects of demineralization, which occur when the teeth lose the minerals that keep the enamel strong. 
  • Fluoride: Although fluoride has many benefits, including stronger tooth enamel, too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis. Fluorosis can create discoloration, including white spots on the enamel.
  • Enamel Development: Patients with thinner tooth enamel are more prone to developing white spots. Oftentimes, enamel development is genetic. 
  • Braces: Traditional metal braces use brackets on the surface of each tooth. Once patients complete braces treatment, plaque from poor brushing can stay on the teeth, creating white spots.

Icon® Smooth Surface Treatment in Marlton, NJ

Before Icon Treatment

Teeth before completing Icon treatment.

Teeth After Icon Treatment

Teeth after completing Icon treatment.

Sometimes, brushing and flossing are not enough to remove white spots from teeth. We administer Icon in our office as part of our infiltration treatment to remove white spots. First, we prepare the teeth with an etching gel. Then, we apply a liquid resin to the afflicted tooth, penetrating deep into the pores of the dental enamel. Then we cure it with a special light until it hardens. This increases the density of the tooth, changing the way it refracts light and consequently making white spots disappear.

Icon treatment is not painful. No anesthetic injections are required for treatment. We will use a dental wedge to apply Icon to the teeth. Patients will only feel gentle pressure as we apply these wedges to separate the teeth. Icon is also a minimally invasive treatment with no drilling required. Alternatives like veneers or teeth whitening may not be suitable for some patients with white spots. We will recommend Icon for patients experiencing problems like enamel wear and demineralization. Our office will also perform cleanings before recommending Icon to ensure that patients can reverse spots caused by decay.

Remove White Spots Today

Call Monokian Dentistry for a brighter, more even-looking smile. You can request a dental appointment with us online. Contact our Marlton office at 856-666-2143 or our Haddonfield office at 856-644-4441. Please let us know if you have questions about the Icon treatment; we’re here to help you.

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