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Welcome to Monokian Dentistry, home to a team of dentists serving the Marlton, NJ area. Our doctors are committed to making each trip to the dentist as comfortable and relaxing as possible. They offer a full range of outstanding dental services to patients of all ages.

Our state-of-the-art dental office is equipped with advanced dental technology to aid us in providing the very best dental care. Continue reading to learn how we are redefining the dental experience.

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Learn More About Our Dentists in Marlton, NJ

Our doctors are unlike any other dentists serving the Marlton, NJ area. The field of dentistry is always evolving and our team is constantly adapting, learning, and investing in resources to better serve our patients. Providing the very best dental care for patients is always our number one priority.

Open lines of communication and patient education about proper dental care are key parts of our practice. As a top local dentist, we pride ourselves on accommodating our patient's needs and going above and beyond expectations to ensure patient comfort. Our dentists clearly explain each aspect of treatment, no matter how simple or complex.

We appreciate our patients' questions and encourage them to communicate their specific goals or needs during treatment. We welcome you to explore more about key dental treatments and the Marlton dentists that make Monokian Dentistry.

Learn more about the dentists in our Marlton office:

Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety?

Our dentists want visits to the office to become positive experiences for patients. They understand that it can sometimes be difficult for some patients to visit the dentist due to dental anxiety or fear. Creating a warm and friendly space for patients allows patients to get the dental care they need and make dental visits more enjoyable. Additionally, by collaborating with patients one-on-one to address their concerns and using the highest quality materials, our team can meet patients' goals and create lasting results. 

The Dental Services We Offer

Our team of dentists serving the Marlton, NJ area offer a full menu of dental services. Our treatments are tailored to patients with a variety of dental problems or cosmetic issues. From routine cleanings to lasting restorations and orthodontic treatment, our team helps patients create healthy, beautiful smiles.

Routine Preventative Dental Care

At Monokian Dentistry, we want to ensure that our patients have good oral health and maintain their oral hygiene with routine care. Regular dental cleanings and examinations are a part of maintaining a smile and providing preventative care.

We provide prophylaxis, also referred to as a“prophy” or a "healthy" cleaning at routine dental appointments. This dental cleaning is designed to prevent gum disease and tooth decay from developing. During this cleaning, we remove plaque, calculus, and stains above the gum line.

We typically schedule these cleanings every 4-6 months, depending on your oral health. We also offer a full menu of general dentistry services and treatments. To learn more about them, visit General Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our talented team of dentists are offer cosmetic dentistry services to help patients enhance the appearance of your smile. Our cosmetic treatments can correct various concerns you may have with your teeth. This may include yellow teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, chipped tooth, or gaps between your teeth.

If you dislike your smile, your dentist will exam your teeth, discuss what you like and dislike about your smile, and recommend the best cosmetic dentistry treatment for you. We  will make a treatment plan based on your wants, oral health, and budget goals. To learn more about our cosmetic treatments and how they can enhance your oral health, visit Cosmetic Dentistry.

Restorative Dentistry

Repairing or replacing teeth is vital to your oral health. If you need a restorative dentist in the Marlton, NJ area, we offer restorative dentistry treatments to address complex dental problems such as missing or damaged teeth.

Our office is equipped with advanced technology to better diagnose and treat our patients. Our dentists take a comprehensive approach to your dental health by examining all the related systems. They will examine your teeth, gums, TMJ, facial muscles, and airway to find the root cause of your issues.

In doing this, we can create a treatment plan to restore your oral health, not just mask your symptoms. Our list of restorative treatments can fix teeth, address TMJ disorders, fix bite disorders, replace missing teeth, and even address sleep apnea. To learn more about our restorative dentistry treatments, visit Restorative Dentistry.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are known as the gold standard of restorative care. Implant restorations consist of titanium posts that can secure crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dental implants can become a permanent part of the smile once they heal.

Our Marlton dental office can provide complete implant services for patients under one roof. We may recommend bone and soft tissue grafting for patients if they do not have enough tissue to support their implant posts. During grafting, we take healthy tissue and place it where it is needed.

Once the tissue heals, we can begin implant treatment. After taking x-rays and developing a custom treatment plan, our oral surgeons can place dental implants in-office. Our dentists use high-quality materials to ensure that the implants and their restoration last for years to come. To learn more about the dental implant process, visit Dental Implants.


Cosmetic dental care can improve the smile's aesthetics and patients' overall health. Invisalign is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for patients with orthodontic concerns. Invisalign is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces that uses clear aligners to shift teeth into a straighter position gently.

Dr. Ritesh Salvi and Dr. David Monokian are Invisalign-certified providers. They received training to fully understand how patients' bites, or occlusion, impact their smiles. By collaborating with patients, Dr. Salvi and Dr. Monokian can help plan every part of Invisalign treatment, from initial x-rays and scans to routine examinations throughout treatment and retainers once treatment is complete. To learn more about our clear aligner treatments, visit Invisalign.

What Our Patients Are Saying 

The entire team at Monokian Dentistry are definitely Top Notch!  Their technology is very good, the office is modern, and the dentists take a very professional approach to your care. – Christopher P.

Wish it hadn't taken me this long to come back to this place...I have determined that no matter where I live in NJ I will drive here for service. The entire office is unbelievably friendly, the dentists are SO knowledgeable and informative, the cleaners are SO personable and thorough. I have seen too many dentists in my time, this is the most honest practice, making teeth health easily manageable. – D.J.

Dr Monokian and his staff were thorough personable and made me feel very comfortable being a new patient. It was the first dental experience I’ve ever had where I felt I got an a detailed examination. All of the staff made me feel like I had been a patient for years. I highly recommend Monokian for all of you dental needs! – Nick Y.

I was referred to monokian dentistry by my daughter-in-law who's been going there since she's a child. They do very good work. They have the most up-to-date equipment and they always make you feel comfortable while you're there. If you're looking for a dentist look no further, this is where you need to go. – Anne K.

I was referred to this Dentist’s office by someone treated there a few months ago. I see Dr Ritesh who has helped me very much. I received the comprehensive exam they offer. The work up was VERY COMPREHENSIVE, including pictures, diagrams, full explanations of everything, and choice of plans.
This is a high level of dental and oral care. – N. E.

Dr Chris and his staff were outstanding. They made my very nervous mom feel very comfortable. The amount of compassion they showed her was just amazing from the moment we walked in the door to the time we left. 5 stars is not enough stars for this office. – Tamela H.

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