Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our commitment to patient safety goes back to when we first opened in 1978 and has never wavered. Today that commitment is stronger than ever.  The standards we set, the materials we use, and even the air you breath are all managed with your safety in mind.

Each treatment room is equipped with IQAir HyperHEPA filtration units to capture particles generated during dental procedures… particles as small as .003 microns. They also feature Dry Shield isolation systems and Purevac High-Efficiency Vacuum units to reduce the chance of any microbes becoming airborne.

To keep the air clean through pandemics, wildfires, and other phenomenon, we use Oransi medical-grade purifiers.

We’ve taken infection control down to a science. Our highly-trained sterilization technicians use autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners to sterilize our instruments and protect patients against infections. Our 15-point protocol ensures that each treatment space is thoroughly disinfected between patients.

Responding To The Pandemic

During the COVID pandemic, we introduced new technology and protocols to help keep our patients and team members safe. Some of those measures remain in place today, like the items mentioned above. Others are on standby – ready to be reimplemented at any time – including:

  • Barriers at the front desks to help keep you and our team safe.
  • Regularly scheduled, environmentally-friendly deep cleaning and sanitizing of our offices. These are performed by NexClean, which also services healthcare leaders like CHOP and Johns Hopkins.
  • The use of hospital-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) – including particulate respirators and full face shields – by or clinical team to help ensure your safety and theirs.

If and when necessary, we implement special safety precautions for patients, like using hand sanitizer and requiring that masks be worn upon entry. Patients are also asked to use disinfecting mouthwash prior to any dental work.

During the pandemic, to reduce the spread of illness, we rearranged our offices, adjusted our schedules, and changed our guest policy to prevent crowding and facilitate personal (social) distancing. Additionally, we created a “virtual waiting room” where patients could hang out in the privacy and comfort of their vehicles instead of a crowded waiting room.

Although it may be a reminder of a difficult and challenging time, this pandemic-era video also provides insight into how we prioritize safety: