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Missing teeth lead to many increased problems, including facial sagging, difficulty biting and chewing, increased speech issues, and gaps in the smile. While traditional restorations enhance the appearance of the smile, they may not address all missing teeth problems. Dental implants are known as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Implants consist of titanium posts and abutments that secure restorations like crowns, bridges, or dentures. Because of their high-quality materials and placement in the jaw bone, dental implants provide long-lasting dental restorations for patients with one or all of their teeth missing. Patients who receive implant-supported restorations benefit from improved aesthetics and function. We provide dental implants in our Haddonfield and Marlton, NJ dental offices.

Dental Implants in Marlton, NJ

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Single implants and implant-supported dental restorations offer many benefits. Dental implants:

  • Offer long-lasting results
  • Improve speech
  • Create a natural look
  • Keep adjacent teeth stable
  • Support the natural bone
  • Prevent further bone loss

If you have a removable restoration or have not received a restoration for missing teeth, feel free to ask us about your implant options. We can provide a single implant for one missing tooth or implant-secured dental bridges and dentures for multiple missing teeth.

Dental Implant Treatment

Before treatment, we thoroughly examine the teeth and gums to ensure that patients are in good oral health. We will also recommend bone grafting or a sinus augmentation if patients do not have enough healthy jaw bone to support their dental implants. These treatments add healthy bone tissue where they are needed.

Our team may also recommend a tooth extraction treatment if patients have severely infected or damaged teeth. Our dentists can offer treatment to remove gum disease and tooth decay prior to implant treatment to ensure that patients are in good health. We plan treatment customized to each patient; we take digital x-rays and scans of the smile to determine implant placement and the type of restoration they need. 

Before placing the implants, we use anesthetic to ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible and do not feel any pain. Dr. Chad Rebhun will access the bone beneath the gums to place the titanium implant posts. During a healing process called osseointegration, the implant posts fuse with the jaw bone. It can take three to six months for the implants to heal fully.

We work with a local dental laboratory, Niche Dental Studio, to create dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures. Our team takes digital impressions of patients’ smiles and sends them to Niche Dental Studio, where they will create the restorations out of tooth-colored materials. Once the dental implants are fully healed, we place an abutment to connect the implant post to the permanent restoration.

Restore Missing Teeth

Are missing teeth impacting your oral health? Ask us about dental implants. Call our Marlton dental office at 856.983.9620 or request a dental consultation online. You may also contact our Haddonfield office at 856.429.0404 or schedule a dental appointment online. Please let us know if you have any questions about implants and we will be glad to help you.

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