All On Four

If you have multiple missing teeth, chances are you've thought of dentures. While we offer traditional dentures, we also provide implant-supported dentures. All-On-Four® treatment places as few as four dental implants to support an upper or lower arch of missing teeth. We provide comprehensive treatment planning to ensure patients' candidacy for implant-supported dentures for improved oral health and aesthetics. Our team at Monokian Dentistry is proud to provide dental restorations like All-On-Four to help patients get their smiles back.

All On Four in Marlton, NJ

What Are the Benefits of All-On-Four?

There are many benefits to All-On-Four treatment over other types of dentures or dental restorations: 

  • Easy Maintenance: All-On-Four dental implants allow patients to brush and floss between false teeth without having to remove their restorations. Alternatively, traditional dentures require adhesive and removal for soaking and cleaning.
  • Lasting Results: Dental implants provide longer-lasting treatment than removable options because they support restorations at the root. Implants fuse with the jawbone beneath the gums for a permanent restoration. 
  • Increased Candidacy: Patients who have bone loss or sinus issues may require bone grafting for restorations like dental implants. However, the All-On-Four treatment allows us to place implants without sinus augmentation or bone grafting. Placing the dental implants at a 45-degree angle maximizes the bone and allows the implants to heal properly. 
  • Natural Look and Feel: Because All-On-Four uses dental implants, patients can bite and chew comfortably without experiencing slipping dentures. We also work with a dental lab to create false teeth that match the shape and shade of natural teeth.

All-On-Four Treatment

Before the All-On-Four treatment, we take digital x-rays to determine the best placement for the dental implants. Dr. Chad Rebhun strategically places dental implants to ensure that they properly fuse with the jaw bone. We will also take intraoral scans to send to a dental lab, where they create the final denture. Once the implants heal, typically after three to six months, we can attach the denture in place. 

After you receive your final restoration, you can brush and floss your denture naturally. However, there are some tools that can make cleaning your dentures simpler. A water flosser can get hard-to-reach areas of the smile for a deeper clean. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush can also prevent scratches or damage to your denture.

Restore Your Smile

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